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Links for Students - Get a Christian perspective on movies, music, etc. An online community and resource for Christian teens, churches, youth groups, and leaders. - Awesome flash, great content, and online devotions. You can also use this site to send the very wildest Christian e-cards we've seen. - Christ, Community, and Music. Believe it or not, all 3 of these words can go together. If you are really passionate about music, but the music you listen to doesn't always edify your spirit, this site will give you some great alternatives and introduce you to the latest music in any genre. - This is an excellent source that puts almost every version of the Bible right at your finger tips. You can search through the Bible by topic or keywords and even compare scriptures in different versions. - Click here to purchase top Christian rightones that will rock your mobile. Represent who you are in Christ in everything you do...if you dare.